Learning gamified as BitLearn provides token rewards to student achievement

BitLearn Network, a new learning ecosystem powered by the BitLearn Token (BLB), today announced the limited beta release of its learning and publishing platforms, now available in the U.S. BitLearn is a networked solution where students unlock token rewards toward micro savings through self-directed learning, an essential skill for the promotion of lifelong learning.

In addition, with each student’s acquired skills captured on the blockchain, BitLearn helps identify and address individual learning needs, which is an acute need for parents and educators. Led by a senior team of experts in gaming, education and social networking, BitLearn supports parents, teachers, students, and employers, incentivizing all parties for taking ownership of their role in the education system.

“We created BitLearn to engage and reward students on mobile, to take ownership of their own individual learning process. At the same time, we are establishing a new distribution platform for educators to reach these students directly. And finally, by inviting parents to set goals, chores, and rewards in BitLearn, we are giving them insight into their children’s learning needs, while fostering financial literacy.” 

Fred Jin, Founder, and CEO of BitLearn
  • For Students: Funler – Smart Workbook is BitLearn’s learning application for students, a game-based learning system that engages, challenges, and rewards learners to learn and earn for themselves. Each student can track their earned tokens on their mobile app, supporting financial literacy and responsibility at an early age.
  • For Parents: The Funler Parent application invites guardians to set learning goals (and chores!) rewarded with BLB Tokens, available via simple in-app purchases. Currently, tokens can be redeemed for various rewards, such as iTunes and Amazon gift cards.
  • For Educators: BitLearn is a new publishing platform on which teachers upload their proven learning materials (lectures, exercises, worksheets) into game-like sequences, targeting important learning needs in each grade level. As authors, the teachers are compensated for these learning materials, which elevate the top educator and best content to help students anywhere.

“Out of nearly three thousand blockchain projects, only three percent correlate to education, yet knowledge and financial literacy is directly related to wealth and passed on from generation to generation. BitLearn levels the education playing field, adapting learning to ever-changing talent needs, technology, and the global economy.”

Kenzi Wang, Advisor, Co-Founder, and Partner at AU21Capital

The limited beta currently supports K-8 with plans to expand to college-level and corporate training to close the skills gap. Students and parents are invited to download the applications for free on iOS and Android at https://bitlearn.network/#!/parent. BitLearn’s whitelist, an advanced registration for its token sale, is open at https://bitlearn.network or join the Telegram group.

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