Metal (MTL) acquires cryptocurrency micro invest app Crumbs

Metal (MTL), a blockchain based payment system operating on a process known as Proof of Processed Payments (PoPP) today announced its first acquisition – Crumbs, a crypto-asset micro investing platform.

The Crumbs app enables users to set aside spare change from daily purchases and use it to create their own digital asset portfolio, alongside general crypto purchasing and selling.

Crumbs will continue to operate independently within Metal and will launch concurrently with Metal’s flagship product Metal Pay this summer.

The Metal team said:

“What makes this move so incredibly exciting is that it reinforces Metal’s commitment to changing the way the world views money. We are committed to giving everyone an opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency, no matter how intensely or passively, especially while it’s still such a new concept to many.”

What is Crumbs?

Crumbs is an app that rounds up your debit or credit card transaction and puts the spare-change, or difference between transaction amount and the nearest dollar, into a crypto-asset of your choice.

For example, say you purchase a cup of coffee for $3.75, Crumbs takes $0.25 and waits until your total roundups reach $5.00. Once your pending roundups reach $5.00 Crumbs puts that amount into the crypto-asset portfolio you selected. So if you selected 50% BTC and 50% XRP you would get $2.50 worth of BTC and $2.50 XRP (Ripple) at the current rate.

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Author: CryptoNinjas”