Midas Protocol for crypto assets inching closer to token sale hardcap

Midas Protocol, an intelligent platform to manage and invest crypto assets is closing in on their 18,000 ETH sale hard cap. Still operating in the presale phase, there are 18 hours remaining for contributors to receive a 30% token bonus. The current token bonus of 30% for contributors ends on May 29th.

Further presale rounds with bonus tokens are from May 30th to June 10th (25%), and June 11th to June 30th (20%). The public token sale for Midas Protocol, MAS tokens, is currently scheduled for July 1st, 2018.

Users can use the Midas wallet to exchange ETH and ERC-20 tokens directly with a DEX like Kyber Network; and soon can exchange many other cryptocurrencies and tokens like NEO, NEP-5 tokens, XLM, Stellar tokens, EOS, etc. with respective DEXs.

Midas also provides a feature where users can see and follow top traders/investors, ranked by their portfolio performance and growth. Users can use the MIDAS token to pay fees to follow and copy trade actions from those top performers.

There will be 500,000,000 MAS tokens generated, with the core founders keeping 125,000,000,000. The token sale will see 250,000,000 MAS tokens offered. 1 ETH equals 10,000 MAS during the public ICO. The soft cap is already surpassed and was set to 6,000 ETH, while the hard cap remains at 18,000 ETH.

MAS tokens for the core team will be vested in 5 years as shown below:

● After 6 months: 10%
● After 1 year: 20%
● After 2 years: 20%
● After 3 years: 20%
● After 4 years: 20%
● After 5 years: 10%

MAS Token functions include:

1. Pay for value-added services within the Midas Protocol platform
2. Follow and copy top performing trading rules
3. To pay as a bonus to top performing traders
4. To fund the Midas Foundation.

Key Functions of the Midas platform:

Crypto wallet for all type of cryptocurrencies & tokens

Phase 1: Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens
Phase 2: Dash, EOS, NEO and all NEP-5 tokens
Phase 3: Stellar, Waves, Decred, Lisk, Zcoin, PIVX

Portfolio Management

Crypto breakdown pie chart and history chart
Portfolio performance evaluation & report
Daily/weekly/monthly profit & loss report of each token and in total portfolio
Portfolio re-balancing periodically with AI & deep-learning


Instant tokens conversion with multiple decentralized exchanges
Control and manage funds on multiple centralized exchanges

Advanced order-types

Trailing stop-loss order
Conditional trailing stop-loss order
Multiple Standby orders
DSL for Programmable ordering

News and sudden price movement alerts

News alerts and sudden price movement alerts for selected tokens or all tokens in your portfolio

ICO news, alerts and reminders

Recommended ICOs with regular updates, key timeline reminders
Private and public sale participation


Open API for 3rd-parties to provide add-on functionalities for Midas Protocol platform like prominent news curation, market sentiments analysis, AI bot trading, entries/exit recommendations, etc.

Service income collected from the Midas Protocol will be allocated in the following ways:

1. Improvement and development of the Midas Protocol platform and ecosystem
2. Kickstart funding for potential ICO projects, grant aid to poverty reduction, community education, job creation, startups and other philanthropy projects.


The Midas Protocol is led by Dr. David Nguyen Vu. David is an advisor to various ICOs such as BigBom, SuchApp, Kambria, and co-author the book “Blockchain and Investment in ICOs: The basics, the pathway to financial freedom” together with Dr. Loi Luu, CEO, and co-founder of Kyber Network. David is also a frequent speaker at various blockchain conferences such as Vietnam Blockchain Week, ICO Rating Summit, Gateway to Dubai, Vietnam Blockchain Festival etc. He will also be speaking at Singapore Fintech Festival 2018, the largest global fintech conference by the end of the year. David also chairs the Advisory Board to the Technological Revolution 4.0 Magazine in Vietnam and writer to many mainstream journals and magazine such as Entrepreneurs Weekly (Doanh Nhan Cuoi Tuan), Security for the Capital (An Ninh Thu Do), etc.

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