Bitcoin Mining and Altcoin Mining has become a very popular way to make money. It requires specialized hardware and a lot of hard work to keep a good mining operation going. We can help our clients mine Bitcoins and Altcoins. This requires building specialized hardware for the type of mining you are doing. We can help you get through every aspect of setting up a mining operation.

There are so many options out there Mining is another confusing investment. You can mine daily. You can mine and hold. Dual mining is an option. Linux and Windows mining options are available. You can Host miners or put them in a spare room. We will help you build a miner and show you the options. If its a hobby or a full blown business we can help you.

Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining we have seen it all.

Masternodes is something that has also become very popular. Running masternodes takes a lot less power than mining. A Masternode is a computer that processes transactions on the blockchain. It is then rewarded with coins from the blocks created.” Once you have the required coins you can get a Masternode at ARPHost.

Below are some of the Video cards we use for mining. Our GPU page has more here.