Monero Wikipedia Page Is Vandalized by Unknown Entity

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Wikipedia is a great platform for finding all kinds of information. The world’s top cryptocurrencies all have their own Wikipedia pages these days. Community members tend to keep all information relevant and make modifications when needed. However, it seems some strange things are happening to the Monero Wikipedia page as we speak. A lot of valuable information has been removed, for reasons unknown.


It is pretty interesting to see how a lot of the Wikipedia page’s information has been modified over the past few weeks. While it is good to see many different people contributing to and maintaining this page, there have been a lot of disturbing additions and subtractions over the past few weeks as well. Things got so out of hand that one of the contributors had to revert to an earlier version of the page due to “vandalism and blanking”. It almost seems as if some people want others to forget Monero even exists.

Looking over the recent history of modifications, some interesting developments are evident. On multiple occasions, spam or unnecessary content was added and removed shortly afterward. This seems to indicate there is someone intent on discrediting Monero through its Wikipedia page, although no one knows who it is. Nor does anyone know why this individual is going to such lengths to prove a point which may or may not be valid in the first place.

Although not all the legitimate information has been restored on Wikipedia just yet, it is good to see the community keep tabs on things. Cryptocurrency is a very competitive space these days, and there are a lot of conflicting opinions regarding currencies right now. Moreover, various camps of altcoin supporters are constantly bickering over technical specifications, whitepapers, and so forth. It is evident that Monero is a big target when it comes to privacy and anonymity, which seemingly irates certain individuals.

Censorship and blanking are nothing new in the world of cryptocurrency either. We have seen similar issues with Bitcoin, although its Wikipedia page has remained largely intact for the most part. Then again, there have been a few attempts to discredit Bitcoin and censor conversations on other platforms, mainly Reddit. This bad blood between cryptocurrency enthusiasts is something that needs to be addressed, although no one knows for sure how it should be handled to begin with.

The bigger question is why people would want to purposefully spread misinformation. One of the latest revisions on the Monero Wikipedia page pertained to the project’s coin supply, which was quickly undone by one of the main contributors. A Reddit post isn’t a reliable source for information found on Wikipedia, to say the least. Some false claims by cited sources were removed as well. There is a lot of interest in Monero these days, and a lot of people will rely on Wikipedia to find whatever it is they need.

In the end, most of the damage has been seemingly undone already. There have been multiple attempts to effectively destroy the Monero page, but the beauty of Wikipedia is that there is always an earlier version to revert back to. It will be interesting to see if anyone can ever find the person or group responsible for this malicious activity. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered in this regard, to say the very least. It’s a troublesome situation, and we can only hope issues like these become less common in the future.

Source: Themerkle