NEO based Switcheo Exchange completes integration of Ledger devices

Switcheo, the recently launched NEO based decentralized exchange today announced finishing integration with Ledger hardware wallet devices (such as the Nano S). They reported that internal tests currently show no outstanding issues on both TestNet and MainNet.

Utilizing Ledger hardware wallets with Switcheo requires an updated NEO app from Ledger, which is currently awaiting approval for merging the new code into the LedgerHQ repo for the NEO app. Once this is done, all browser-based NEO dApps will also be able to use Ledger devices.

The Switcheo team said:

“Please note that it may take a short while for the new NEO app to appear in your Ledger Manager app even after approval. To enable our users to trade with Switcheo and Ledger in the smoothest possible way, we will post more detailed instructions on how to update the ledger NEO app(and make any required firmware upgrades) once it is publicly available.”

The exchange also announced updates relating to UI enhancements. Switcheo’s QA and design team has been working closely with its engineers to make improvements to both their mobile and desktop interfaces. Improvements and fixes include the display of full data-sets on trading charts plus charting tools and a fully responsive mobile UI (beta site only).

Switcheo Exchange v2.0 Status

Numerous improvements are advancing further for the upcoming launch of Switcheo’s new smart contract — Switcheo Exchange v2.0. While this is a major and highly anticipated release, the engineering team has decided to hold off deploying the new contract until certain NEO blockchain improvements have been deployed to the NEO MainNet.

This determination was made in order to guarantee the smart contract will be fully compatible with the new updates, and that Switcheo will not be forced to redeploy due to upstream core changes. The team expects these upgrades to be completed soon and will proceed to roll-out the v2.0 release plans then. The new release includes instantaneous trading, public trading API and improved withdrawals and deposits.

NEO Updates:

  • NEP-7: Switcheo wants to ensure this improvement has been fully deployed on the NEO MainNet, as the new contract is meant to be NEP-7 compatible.
  • NEP-8: This proposal is close to completion, but Switcheo has to wait for the implementation to be merged into the core codebase; the v.20 contract will need to be recompiled using new OpCodes available for safe dynamic invocations so that arbitrary NEP-5 tokens can be traded.
  • Payable Contracts: Switcheo needs to ensure that its contract is deployed with this flag enabled. As of now, they are currently unsure when this will be deployed on the NEO MainNet.

V2 Launch Giveaway and Trading Competition:

In the meantime, Switcheo has officially announced their first trading competition and giveaway event which will happen in conjunction with the V2 smart contract launch.

Jack Yeu, Co-Founder, Switcheo Network said:

“The prize pool for this campaign will be the largest yet at a total of USD 100,000. We’ll be announcing the available prizes over the course of the next week, as there will be a diverse set of winning criteria with different tiers and groupings. This is so all Switcheo supporters (be it day-traders, developers, influencers or just daily users) will all stand a chance to win amazing prizes!”

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