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New ERC-20 tokens now available for trading on CoinJar!

We’re excited to welcome the following ERC-20 tokens COMP, LINK, MKR and OMG to the CoinJar lineup!

From today, DeFi tokens: COMP, LINK and  MKR, as well as a different type of ERC-20 token, OMG, are now available to buy and sell through the CoinJar platform, joining our already great line up of digital currencies that members can send, receive and store using CoinJar.

These tokens have also been added to the CoinJar Universe Bundle, however this will not impact previous bundle purchases.

Compound (COMP) is the governance token for the Compound lending platform intended to create functioning money markets for Ethereum assets. Users can deposit ERC-20 tokens and receive representative cTokens which allow them to earn interest while also being able to use those funds in other applications.

You can learn more, view live prices, and purchase COMP here.

Chainlink (LINK) is the digital token of the decentralised ChainLink network which aims to create tamper-proof smart contracts and provide reliable, real-world data to these smart contracts. The network uses oracles who bridge the blockchain smart contracts and external data sources.

You can learn more, view live prices, and purchase LINK here.

Maker (MKR) is the governance token underpinning the stablecoin DAI on the protocol of MakerDAO and users who hold MKR are able to manage the project through voting and polling.

You can learn more, view live prices, and purchase MKR here.

OMG Network (OMG) aims to simplify movement of assets and funds between competing payment platforms by serving as platform-agnostic leverage.

You can learn more, view live prices, and purchase OMG here.

COMP, LINK, MKR and OMG will not be available on CoinJar Exchange at launch and will come later this month.

Happy Trading!

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