Pavo Brings Their Cutting-Edge Technology to Brazil to Help Usher in a New Era in AgTech Leadership in Latin American Food Production – A Bit of News

As the world population continues to grow—recent estimates say there could be almost 10 billion people by 2050, causing a 70% increase in global caloric needs, which will require a 70% jump in food, feed and fibre production—Latin America is actively preparing to lead the way to meet future demand. Brazil, particularly, is already a regional agricultural leader, and next week the Pavo team heads to the country’s Blockspot Conference in São Paolo to introduce their blockchain and IoT technology solution that aims to revolutionize the world of food production and distribution.

A recent Global Harvest Initiative report about the future of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) food production points out that the LAC region is the ideal future bread basket for the world. It is already a global leader in food production, as well as being home to a third of the world’s fresh water resources and a quarter of the world’s medium- to high-potential fertile land.

In the report,…

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