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It has been brought to our attention that there is a website operating in Nigeria that uses the domain:

This has been reported to us by some unsuspecting users.
The website itself gives some info on trading and bitcoin + other cryptocurrencies. However some of the users have reported that this website offers buying and selling through WhatsApp. This is something they are doing on their own and there are no links between Paxful and this website. Some users have reported that after trying to buy or sell bitcoin, they never received their money.

There is no safe escrow option when trading through this site. As we are one of the leading bitcoin marketplaces, people will keep trying to use our brand for their own gains, most cases trying to scam people out of their money or get access to their login details. Please always have 2-FA enabled on and make sure that you are in fact on

If you have fallen for fraud on this site, please let us know by email:
[email protected]

We are doing everything we can to get this site down as soon as possible.




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Author: Liina”