Product Update: Q4 2017

Amidst holiday festivities and New Year’s preparations, we want to quickly revisit the assortment of great new features that made their way into the Blockchain wallet during Q4. Grab a fresh mug of hot cocoa (and maybe that sugar cookie you’ve been eyeing) and we’ll get into all the exciting Q4 product update details.

What’s new for our Q4 product update:

  • Bitcoin Cash becomes a fully supported digital currency
  • iOS and Android users can now access their ether on the go
  • European users can now buy bitcoin on an automatic recurring basis
  • Android users can now use our bitcoin <-> ether exchange integration

Bitcoin Cash integration

Pictured is the Blockchain wallet's new dashboard including Bitcoin Cash as part of our Q4 product update

Not too long after our launch of limited support for Bitcoin Cash, we announced that full support is now available as part of our latest digital currency lineup. Users can easily toggle between bitcoin, ether, and Bitcoin Cash to send and request funds, safely manage balances, and monitor market prices – all from one central dashboard.

Ether is now available on iOS and Android

An image of a man on a mobile phone announcing ether on mobile, part of our Q4 product update

Bringing ether to our wallet was the next important step towards making digital assets increasingly user-friendly and accessible. Building on our web integration, ether is now available on our mobile apps. This mobile interface offers users a consistent experience where they can easily navigate between bitcoin and ether.

Hand holding up iPhone displaying the new Recurring Orders integration included in our Q4 product update

We’ve elevated user purchasing power to the next level by giving our European users the ability to automatically buy bitcoin on a recurring basis. Acquiring small amounts consistently over time makes it easier for users to comfortably invest in a better financial future without having to spend more upfront.

Exchange BTC <-> ETH on Android

Hand holding Android device displaying the Blockchain wallet's new ShapeShift integration which is part of our Q4 product update

Android users who are interested in acquiring ether (or bitcoin) are now able to take advantage of our built-in BTC to ETH (and vice versa) exchange. Previously only available to web users, our Android users can now easily exchange both currencies and monitor the process from start to finish.

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