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Product Update v3.2

Hello space travelers! We made some minor updates to our system to improve your Purse experience. Here are a few things you might notice.

What’s New:

  • Address Recommendations: we now suggest updates to your saved addresses to help get your package to the right place.
  • International Shipping: we added a step to checkout to help you understand your options for shipping internationally.
  • New Team Members: we’ve on-boarded more crew, and you can now see their bios on our team page.
  • Help Center: we’ve overhauled our support site for enhanced search and discovery. You can now rate articles so we know which to improve, or leave us a message in the pop-up chat.
  • Internal Support Tools: to help our team get you better, faster, more accurate help.


  • Checkout pricing section now correctly shows that we do not charge a Purse fee for Buy Now orders.
  • When modifying an order, we’ll protect you from accidentally removing all of the items.

What’s next?

We’re working to find solutions which will save everyone on network fees when transacting on Purse.

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Author: Jaqi Lenee”