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Product Update v3.3

Saying farewell to Purse merchants, making changes to our Coinbase integration, a cleaner mobile experience and a new status page.

What’s Changed:

  • Sunset Purse merchants. Following up on our announcement to retire the Purse merchant platform, all merchant items and storefronts have been delisted. Active orders will remain until they are completed or canceled. We thank everyone who participated in this experiment in crypto-commerce. Our decision to conclude the offering allows us to double-down our efforts to improve the experience for folks trying to save money on every Amazon purchase.
  • Removed Coinbase deposit buttons. This a major bummer since we know many of our customers benefit from fee-free instant transfers from their Coinbase account. We were forced to remove this functionality due to a change in CB’s service offering. Rest assured you will still be able to log in to your Purse account with your Coinbase login and you can still transfer funds by scanning the QR code with your Coinbase wallet. The good news is we are working on a new flow that will allow Coinbase users to transfer again in the future.
Farewell instant fee-free transfer, for now.
  • Created a StatusPage so that y’all can follow progress if service disruptions arise. Passionate power users may wish to sign up for email updates so we can ping you when issues are resolved.
  • Optimized Purse for mobile screens. Our designers polished the interface and squashed lots of visual bugs which made some screens feel weird on mobile devices. We think it’s never been easier to use Purse on the go. Stay tuned for iOS and Android app updates which will follow next week.

Irons in the Fire:

  • Our engineering team is working hard to build features which will help reduce transaction fees and provide customers more payment options.
  • Our data analyst is digging into order data to help us find automated ways to resolve order disputes faster.
  • Our crew is hiring! If you’re passionate about helping folks earn and spend cryptocurrency, check out our job listings.

That’s a wrap. Have feedback on our latest update? Leave us a comment below!

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Author: Jaqi Lenee”