Robotic Platform Aitheon Releases Software Demo, Continues Token Campaign

The Aitheon platform, which seamlessly integrates AI, smart devices, and robots with human Specialists and Pilots into a perfectly orchestrated solution, has launched its software demo.  The demo allows platform users to get an in-depth understanding of how Aitheon platform operates – the solution that reduces costs, improves productivity, and eliminates tedious work, all while empowering humans to contribute the creative, meaningful work that they do best, alongside the machines.

Businesses, governments, and other organizations all over the world face mounting pressure to streamline, modernize, improve efficiency and cut costs. We seem tantalizingly close to a revolution in automation, but the available tools just aren’t good enough. At the same time, many futurists, social commentators and workers worry about what people will do in a world dominated by AI and robotics.[1]

The vision of Aitheon involves integrating AI, smart devices, robots and human specialists into a synchronized network that improvise economic efficiency while tasking machines with the tedious work. Aitheon ‘s platform is based on implementing these principles:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Latest Technologies
  4. Global Opportunities
  5. Frictionless value exchange
  6. Human optimization

The Aitheon platform is a mixture of various elements:

AI Modules

Business applications relying on AI will solve common problems in an advanced way. Accounting, payroll, inventory management, purchasing, shipping, POS systems, and website management will be improved by AI that will monitor past work and suggest optimized ways to conduct tasks.


Virtual robots, part of the Aitheon ecosystem, will automate business. Digibots can take actions directed by humans or AI, and would basically do the repetitive tasks that humans shouldn’t be doing. The main goal of Digibots is to make life easier for humans and give them the opportunity to work on more creative tasks.

 Aitheon CEO Andrew Archer Presenting 300x157 - Robotic Platform Aitheon Releases Software Demo, Continues Token Campaign 

Mechbots & Connected Devices

Mechbots include physical robots, sensors and other IoT devices. Their role would be to do the automated tasks like parking, handling, robotic arm work, home automation and others. Regardless of the manufacturer, these machines would be integrated and accepted by the Aitheon platform.

Aitheon Specialists

The goal is to implement a system that would be similar to freelancing, but with client data anonymity and a blockchain of events recording work completed.  The human element – Specialists – would take action in the final parts of work. AI and robotics would execute 90-99% of work while the finishing “touch” would involve humans. The human element is important because AI isn’t smart enough to perform some tasks that simply need a human being.

Aitheon Pilots

Mechbots require teaching and training. They need assistance with tasks that they have no prior experience with. Technicians trained as Pilots will supervise robots to ensure proper performance. They would be certified by Aitheon and trained in conjunction with the robot manufacturer.  Pilots would be extremely useful in situation where companies don’t have money to employ large teams. When a robot can not a situation the standby pilots, that are on the network, can acquire control over the robot to complete the task or advise correction. Once the robot no longer needs help from the Pilot the control falls back on the machine. Upon completion of the task tokens are paid to the pilot for services.


Aitheon will make robots and systems available for the public. During 2018, Aitheon will integrate and educate Small Businesses, Enterprises, Governments and individual users. Contracts will be made with leading robotic suppliers as well as major contributors in the AI industry.

Next year will be dedicated to spreading the idea of the platform and prepare individuals for “Aitheon Certificates”. Aitheon is partnering with The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology from Abu Dhabi for this certificate. The project team is also working with RoboTerra, a Santa Clara, CA-based company that develops creative robotic products, designed to stimulate creativity and cultivate the next generation of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent. Also in Year 2, Aitheon Creators’ Program will enter a new phase of development where innovations are being actively sought from colleges, high schools, and invention conferences.

 Aitheon Software Demo 300x152 - Robotic Platform Aitheon Releases Software Demo, Continues Token Campaign 

Technical aspects and parameters

Token name: AIC

Total number of tokens: 3,500,000,000

Token Price : 0.35$

The presale started on January the 18th with a discount of 50%. The Aitheon team managed to raise $8.75 million dollars during the presale period. Here is worth noting that Aitheon intended to sell just 300 million tokens. As we see from the distribution below, the majority of tokens is meant to be mined (~70%).

68.67% – Mining Pool

10.00% – Aitheon Platform

7.14% – Crowd

6.00% – Aitheon Team

5.00% – End Users

1.43% – Crowd

1.00% – Bounty Parties

0.67% – Advisors

WIth the token, individuals are granted entry into the blockchain-based Aitheon ecosystem. Using smart contracts, Aitheon will provide contracted solutions to distributed clusters of customers, agents, and devices that use the AIC token as a method of exchanging services.

ICOs have become a daily routine, but few have dared to envision and engineer such a complex idea of human and machine symbiosis like Aitheon.

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Author: Carlos Terenzi”