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Skywire Blockchain Project Testnet is Live now

Skywire blockchain project is poised to bring more transparency and easy accessibility to the world of internet. It uses blockchain technology to enhance how people interact with themselves.

The Skywire project eliminates the traditional Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Instead, it uses a blockchain-powered internet connection that comprises of a vast array of nodes that connect to each other directly, making it easy, fast and reliable to forward and route internet traffic.

This mesh system is faster and more secure than the legacy world wide web. The Skywire mesh network is entirely decentralised, and user privacy is guaranteed.

Skywire uses the Multi-Protocol Label Switching system to enhance scalability and improve the efficiency of data transfer across various channels. It also ensures that data is highly secure by making each node to see only the previous node and the next jump for the data packet.

It’s far better than the IPV4 and IPV6 protocols that make it easy for people to see the origin and destination of data being sent.

The Skywire system is cheap and more affordable than traditional internet from ISPs. The project gives users the power to choose from a vast array of nodes globally and they will only be charged for the bandwidth they use. This will make internet cheap and affordable to the masses while giving them total control over their internet service.

The Skywire testnet went live on May 22, 2018. With this, users will be able to experience the Skywire decentralized internet system.

The Skyminers, who are the controllers of Skywire mesh internet platform are directly rewarded with Skycoins if they provide stable nodes that can have at least 75 percent uptime in a month.

Other self-built DIY miners from the Skywire ecosystem are also eligible to apply for participation, and if approved, they will also get rewards.

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