Spiking joins forces With J. Capital and Excavo to Give the Crypto World a New Experience

Spiking joins forces With J. Capital and Excavo to Give the Crypto World a New Experience

Spiking a Singapore trading app created and launched in 2016 has been nothing but a blessing to traders and the crypto space in general.

The app which is a flashlight for traders helps them to navigate the crypto space connecting them to the big whales in the industry under a transparent atmosphere which helps them determine worthy investors.

This gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions as to their trading activities in the stock market.

Spiking is proud to announce its partnership with two of the industry’s most exceptional J. Capital and Excavo to expand its horizon.

This partnership has automatically placed officials from both organizations in the advisory roles of Spiking.

J. capital praised for its excellent services when it comes to crypto fund invested a 1million USD into the Spiking PRE-ITO. Appointed into the advisory role of Spiking from the organization are; Kenneth Tan, Chief Investment Officer, and CEO Jack Ser.

“Having many years of experience in both markets, I am glad that Spiking now offers a solution that allows traditional investors to participate seamlessly in emerging crypto markets. We think that this solution will disrupt the industry in a big way and this is a key reason why we chose to participate,” Kenneth Tan stated.

Spiking has one dominant desire to ensure that critical information coming from the experienced moguls in the industry is at the disposal of traditional investors allowing them to track investment information of these whales to help guide theirs.

“We are thrilled that J. Capital and Excavo have joined forces with Spiking, as we continue building a game-changing platform that makes successful Cryptocurrency investing easier for everyone,” Founder of Spiking, Clemen Chiang mentioned.

He further quipped:

“We look forward to working with both teams to execute our vision for transforming and simplifying Cryptocurrency investing for millions of people around the globe. Cryptocurrencies are known for their extreme price volatility. It can be incredibly difficult –if not altogether impossible-for average traders to time the market correctly and make the right buying and selling decisions. Spiking allows traders to make better trading decisions reducing the information asymmetry of the market.”

The company will be able to achieve this via smart contract on the Blockchain technology.
Eugene Loza of Excavo who is the official of the company nominated for advisory role for Spiking also revealed his pride over the innovation;

“As an experienced crypto influencer with proven trades in the market, I find Spiking the ideal platform to influence a new generation of crypto traders who can trade alongside me,” he said.

It is worthy to note that the company will make available over “1,000 whales in your wallet” via their app, and hope to release the 1st commercial version of it next year.

Spiking since its inception has achieved many great feats, with strong support from Quest Ventures and National Research Foundation. In 2016 it received a gold award at the SiTF Awards.

The company is also supported by great minds like Dr. William H. Nguyen who is their chief architect. Spiking can also boast of 170,000 shareholders from various exchanges from four significant countries like USA, Singapore Malaysia, and Hong-Kong.

In times like this when the crypto space is becoming more crowded with activities, Spiking is right on time, promoting trust, peace, and interest on the part of new business and helping old hands navigate better.

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