STRYKZ token to be issued through Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Stryking Entertainment GmbH announced today that they will host their upcoming STRYKZ token sale event in collaboration with the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). The public token sale is intended to start on June 15th, 2018 alongside the FIFA World Cup, and aims to raise a maximum of 20 million USD.

Stryking is the developer and operator of the fantasy sports platform Football-Stars. With the introduction of STRYKZ, Stryking aims to tokenize their platform to create a more user-centric gaming experience.

Besides an official Bundesliga license and partnerships with the German football magazine kicker and, Stryking recently presented football legend Luís Figo as the first official brand ambassador for Football-Stars.

After having completed the rigorous application, with TGV as a Sponsor Firm, this collaboration marks the next milestone in Stryking’s token sale journey. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), an EU regulated stock exchange. Earlier this year, the GBX attracted a lot of attention with their own token sale, raising over $21 million in their pre-sale and selling out within 9 seconds during their general public sale.

The GBX is striving to build a leading institutional-grade token sale platform operated by a licensed stock exchange, where companies, traders, and investors can participate. With a set of rules for launching a token sale, the GBX is creating a new industry standard for the conduct of issuers and their continuing obligations to the holders of their tokens, thus cementing the responsibility of token issuers to fulfill the commitments they make in their white papers.

“We are glad to join the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange platform to host our upcoming STRYKZ Token Sale Event. It is a great opportunity for us to use the existing network and best practices of the GBX’s institutional-grade platform. We firmly believe that certain due-diligence and background checks are beneficial for the  crypto community, as they act as an additional security to increase the trust of potential token buyers.”

Dirk Weyel, Founder, and CEO of Stryking

“At GBX we’re building a listing environment based on best-practices and industry-standards inherited from the GSX. We want to give token buyers the peace of mind that all projects they see on our exchange have gone through our vetting by an appointed Sponsor Firm and our rigorous application process. It’s a great pleasure to have Stryking on the GBX GRID and we can’t wait to see how their award-winning project develops.”

Nick Cowan, CEO of GBX

“We are proud to be part of Stryking’s success story and of the work put in by the Stryking-team and all our partners to make this listing a reality. The GBX is an important strategic partner to TGV and Stryking is one of our most promising investments. This success has obviously not happened out of circumstances but is proof of how the decentralized structure of TGV works, something we will continue to foster in our upcoming tokenized fund. We are looking forward to the upcoming launch of the Stryking ICO and to continue our cooperation with the GBX.”

Dusan Stojanovic, director of True Global Ventures

Stryking’s recent success streak also includes winning two pitch competitions for token generating events within five days. After landing first place at Bloxpo ( in Stockholm, Sweden, Stryking also won the competition at d10e in Malta, the leading conference on decentralization ( The competition at d10 e was held in front of a high-profile jury and as a shared winner, Stryking has been rewarded with a 25,000 USD cheque.

As of now, Stryking is still in the pre-sale phase of their token sale with special offers for early contributors.

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