Transforming the Video World with Blockchain

Halsey Minor is a serial entrepreneur with a resume that will make any startup nerd’s head spin. The bulk of Halsey’s entrepreneurial experience comes from building, innovating, and investing in the then-nascent Internet world. Halsey is widely regarded as a pioneer of the Internet world, and has thrown his gauntlet into the rapidly-developing blockchain world. Halsey’s notable accomplishments, accolades, and …

Codex Protocol Partners with ConsenSys for Live Art Auction

Today Codex, a blockchain title registry, announced their partnership with ConsenSys, a blockchain software development company and incubator founded by Ethereum Co-Founder Phil Lubin,  to host a live charity auction during the Ethereal Summit. The Ethereal Summit is a two-day event on May 11th and 12th in New York City that aims to connect the likes of investors, entrepreneurs, futurists, …

Class Action Filed Against Nano Team, Demands “Rescue Fork” for Lost Bitgrail Funds | CoinCentral

Nano’s team has been pegged with a class action lawsuit. The suit, filed by plaintiff Alex Brola on behalf of Nano/Raiblocks investors, targets Nano’s core team, namely, Colin LeMahieu, Mica Busch, Zack Shapiro, and Troy Retzer. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants violated federal securities laws and mislead investors into using Bitgrail exchange to trade and store their assets.  Originally launched …


Aragon’s Luis Cuende on Blockchain Governance & Digital Jurisdictions

Coin Central’s Bennett Garner recently had the opportunity to talk with Luis Cuende, founder and project lead of Aragon. The project raised $25 million in its ICO last May. Last week, Aragon released its first testnet, available to the public at In this brief interview, we cover the basics of Aragon and the motivations behind creating the platform. To …

Cryptocurrency Mining is Heating Up on College Campuses | CoinCentral

With each successive generation of university students, new trends come to the fore of campus life.  In the 60s, it was Vietnam War protests and drug-infused counterculture; in the 70s, bell bottoms and bowl cuts; in the 80s, questionable fashion choices and electronica; in the 90s, the grunge scene and console gaming; in the 2000s, online social media and internet …


How to Send ERC20 Tokens From a Ledger Nano S | CoinCentral

Just as with receiving ERC20 tokens, sending them using a Ledger is a little more complicated than sending Bitcoin or Ethereum. To send these tokens, you’ll have to use MyEtherWallet. Thankfully, the first few steps are identical to what you did when receiving the tokens. In this article, we’ll show you how to send ERC20 tokens from a Ledger Nano …


Blockchain and Art: The Market is Here and What You Need to Know

Technology Meets Creativity Some people say that technology is a form of art. With the recent boom of the blockchain art market, this is looking to be more fact than fiction these days. From digital kittens and meme trading cards fetching prices of over $100,000 to artificial intelligence (AI) driven artwork, blockchain technology has officially entered the art world. Blockchain …

The Blockchain Energy Grid Could Reshape Utility Delivery | CoinCentral

Blockchains make it easier to secure, track, and exchange resources. With BItcoin, that resource is a currency. However, outside of cryptocurrencies, blockchain protocols are poised to disrupt a number of industries where certification and exchange are important. Recently on Coin Central, we’ve covered blockchain art, blockchain agriculture, and blockchain-based businesses. The blockchain energy grid is yet another idea poised to …

Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain? | CoinCentral

Should we replace blockchain with something else? That’s a question many technologists are asking in the wake of scaling challenges for key blockchain platforms. Blockchain is undergoing some growing pains. The core platforms that are the most well-known in the blockchain ecosystem, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have both run into challenges over the past year with scalability. Bitcoin & Ethereum’s Challenges …

What is HOT? The Hydro Protocol | CoinCentral

What is HOT? HOT is the token of the Hydro Protocol. It has nothing to do with heat or fire. Forgive the etymologist in you for thinking the protocol has something to do with water as well. The Hydro Protocol was designed to improve liquidity for new decentralized exchanges. Liquidity is a very desirable attribute for a new exchange to …