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Bitcoin Press Release: TE-FOOD, the leading blockchain based fresh food traceability solution announces partnership with HALAL TRAIL to track livestock and fresh food from farm to table, through the halal food chain.

25 May, 2018. Albstadt, Germany: TE-FOOD partnered with HALAL TRAIL™, a UK based company, to track livestock and fresh food from farm to table, through the halal food chain.

From the 7.6 billion people in the world, almost 2 billion are Muslims. The halal method in the food industry refers to the permissible or lawful way of preparing food and drinks according to Islamic law.

According to industry estimates, the global halal food market will reach USD 2.55 trillion by 2024.

Due to religious reasons, this enormous market of Muslims consciously seeks trusted, halal certified sources when they buy food. Their motivation to check the source of the food is very strong.

The Solution

HALAL TRAIL will be the first solution to expand to all global halal food markets, and provide food traceability and quality verification services for the sector.

The solution, with processes specifically developed for HALAL TRAIL will provide a top-to-bottom solution for the supply chain companies from physical identification materials, B2B mobile app, and a mobile app for consumers to check the history of the food they intend to buy. To provide verification on data credibility, all traceability data will be stored on blockchain.

Food traceability combined with blockchain technology is the solution which can give Muslims peace of mind that their food was prepared according to Islamic law.

Two Pilots in June

HALAL TRAIL will utilize TE-FOOD’s technology on two pilot projects in June 2018 track chickens and lambs in Lancaster, Tunbridge Wells & Manchester, U.K. as a reference to be implemented globally.

Leading Food Companies Trust TE-FOOD

This collaboration is the next step in the deliberate global expansion of TE-FOOD. With live operation since 2016 in Vietnam, and over 6000 business customers (including food companies like Auchan, AEON, LOTTE Mart, CP Group, and Big C ), TE-FOOD is a stable and results-driven player of the blockchain based supply chain solution providers.

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