Tezos approaching the launch of its beta network

Tezos, a blockchain that can evolve by upgrading itself including support for smart contracts and decentralized applications announced today that final preparations for the Tezos beta network (betanet) are underway.

The Tezos community has been running the alphanet test network successfully for well over a year. Although this provided valuable engineering insight, the team says there is no substitute for real-world experience. To that end, the Tezos Foundation is looking forward to the launch of the betanet.

The Tezos team said that contributors who opt to interact with this network must understand that it will undergo unscheduled downtime and require maintenance and adjustments.

User Contributions

A genesis block will be proposed by the Tezos Foundation at the betanet launch. To prepare for this, all contributors must verify their donation — regardless of size — to confirm that it was received by the Foundation. The Foundation intends to recommend allocations in this proposed genesis block for donations of any size that were received during the fundraiser, but they must appear in the “Check Your Contribution” tool.

Contributors can now check their contribution and enter the Tezos public key hash that was included in the PDF document created during the fundraiser. Only use this link and do not enter any other information besides your public key hash. If the donation does not appear when entering the public key hash, then it will not be included as a recommended allocation in the genesis block proposed by the Foundation unless additional steps are taken to make sure it is included. Further information is given on the linked page.

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