Thaler.One Ready To Transform Real Estate Investing Embracing Blockchain Technology

The Zurich based company, Thaler.One will be issuing security tokens so as to fund its so awaited real estate investing project. The main intention of the company is to launch a real estate platform that will offer institutional and private investors the possibility to invest in high-grade European real estate projects but with the liquidity, flexibility and low transaction costs of the blockchain.

According to Thaler.One this represents the democratisation of investing into the real estate industry. It is not necessary to buy a whole property to be participating in the market, now, family offices and individuals can create their balanced portfolio without investing large sums of money.

Thaler.One has already been working with different enterprises, institutions and other interested investors. The company has the possibility to accommodate over $10 billion dollars in assets and manage more than 76 billion euros.

It is also important to mention that Thaler.One is working under EU standards, it has an SEC-compliant token placement, and is licensed in the EU. That allows institutional investors to know that the platform is on the first level and it is ready to explore the many advantages that blockchain technology offers.

There are two main parts in the Thaler.One platform, the Thaler Fund and the Thaler MarketPlace.

  • The Thaler Fund – Thaler Tokens represent Fund units. The proceeds from the sale of Thaler Tokens will be used to acquire real estate assets for the Fund’s portfolio.
  • The Thaler MarketPlace – ThalerBlock tokens will be issued for every real estate asset that is listed on the marketplace. This would allow smaller investors to build their own real estate portfolios with a desired return and risk profile.

Those investors that place their money in the Thaler Fund will be enjoying higher returns than in the traditional real estate market. This happens in this way because of the rental yields from the Thaler Fund portfolio that is combined with the income from the MarketPlace operations.

Will Andrich, Co-Founder and CEO of Thaler.One, commented about it:

“Our vision is to transform and democratize real estate investing. Thanks to the governance standards instilled within our offering, we are already seeing initial interest from institutional real estate investors, family offices and seasoned crypto miners.”

Investors with ThalerBlock tokens on the Thaler MarketPlace will have the chance to select their diversified real estate portfolio. For example, seasoned cryptocurrency miners are able to lock in their profits by linking them to different physical real estate assets, which pay ongoing shields.

“Our blockchain based approach offers confidence and security, which investors appreciate, as well as additional rewards to early supporters,” explains Mr. Andrich. “Our income model means that we need very low leverage on our assets – typically only 30-40% Loan to Value (LTV), so we can generate an overall higher income, which is then passed to our investors.”

Investors will be able to buy and sell Thalers on the Thaler MarketPlace and later they will be able to do that in different virtual currency exchanges that will provide liquidity.

Thaler.One has been founded by real estate investors that worked in several financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, Cushman Wakefield and EY. Other advisors worked at Credit Suisse, JLL and more.

Thaler.One is a clearly defined security token, that adheres in all aspects to the regulatory framework required to make it legally compliant.

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