The 5 Most Successful ICOs of 2018 (So Far) – A Bit of News

2017 was the year of the ICO. As crypto went mainstream(ish) the money came flooding in, and in December of last year, the amount of capital ICOs raised broke 7 figures. As we move deeper into 2018, it doesn’t seem as if this trend has cooled off in the slightest. According to Coinschedule, there has already been over 300 ICOs this year, and in March alone, $2,944,545,007 was raised.

Some people bemoan ICO investing as a minefield rife with scams, hucksters, and projects destined for zero. The Wall Street Journal recently published an exposé on some of the shenanigans.

However, some choose to focus on the bad and the good:

It’s undeniable that ICOs have created something of a bubble and driven the false inflation of numerous projects, but they’ve also helped to unpair the advice, control, and money that VCs used to have a monopoly on. Ultimately, losses will drive out inexperienced investors and the skeptical money will demand more.

If you’re one of the people who hopes…

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