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· January 30, 2018 · 12:00 pm

Doesn’t it seem to take forever for a new ICO to deliver on their promises?, the community-owned gaming platform, recently completed their ICO and has already delivered their DBET token wallet, three testnets and a new wallet update is right around the corner.  Is there any other cryptocurrency platform that has delivered faster? is a community-owned, online casino and sportsbook platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Their ICO ended less than three months ago, and since that date, the site has launched three testnets to their community.’s Slots testnet was released on January 3rd to a great popular reception.

Why Choose

There are other gaming platforms available – even other blockchain-based gaming platforms – so what makes so special? Well here it is; they are the first and only community-owned platform that distributes 100% of its profits back to its shareholders. Imagine a Las Vegas or Macau casino operator invited you to invest in their casino and share the profits with you! Sound amazing? Well, now it is soon to be a reality.

Other features that make stand out include:

Full transparency – utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain which allow users to review the smart contract source code and track all transactions made on the contract any time they want. This ensures fairness, accountability, and accurate game outcomes.

Users can be the house – Bets placed by users will always have the house to hedge against their bets. allows users to buy into the house fund and receive a split of the profits at the end of every quarter. The motto is “Our House is Your House” and it’s a motto that the team truly lives by.

Custom Technology – We found that the secret sauce in the plan is the unique technology they have developed. Players, of course, want a real-world experience while enjoying casino games.  That means quick response. The developers have built a solution that uses state channels to bundle the transactions and submit them to the blockchain in groups.  This both keeps gameplay moving quickly and saves on the Ethereum network gas fees.

White labeling – plans to open its API and custom houses on the platform to third-party providers. This would ultimately benefit users of the platform with initial house buyouts as they are required to be purchased with the DBET tokens, therefore increasing demand.

Testnet Releases

On January 3rd of this year,’s Slots testnet was released to great community reception and on January 15th, they launched their sportsbook and house testnets as well. The purpose of the testnet is to get user feedback and learn about any issues or concerns that may be identified.  Adrian Scott, Ph.D., said:

The main focus of the development team has been to build and establish an efficient backend technology to ensure a secure, solid and reliable platform. We are dedicated to improving and delivering the finest user experience we can, and focusing on the backend technology allows a real-world casino experience on the Ethereum blockchain with a minimum of potential lag time.

DecentBet Testnet

DBET Tokens and Blockchain Technology

DBET tokens themselves are one of the few tokens out there with true utility and gives users the opportunity to place a wide range of bets on the platform, as well as participate in the world-first “House-Fund”, the profit sharing profit sharing program that distributes 100% of profits back to the shareholders.

The platform is all enabled through blockchain technology built using the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for suitable platform development and maximum usability. In order to limit any potential delays on the blockchain itself, utilizes in-house technology to bundle transactions off-chain and ensure real-world gameplay experience on all of its offerings without the typical lag that can be associated with blockchain applications. recently released version 1.1 of their wallet in the final quarter of 2017 and version 1.2 is set to be released soon. The wallet is available to download and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

All the latest features available on the gaming platform are ready for the community to install and try right now. Find out more at or email [email protected] for an invitation to join the Slack community.

What appeals to you the most about’s platform? Have you checked out their Slots testnet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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