The Korea’s Binance, Alt Planet

Worldwide, interest in cryptocurrency is increasing explosively. Within this trend, simultaneous researches on blockchain has produced various kinds of cryptocurrency. Therefore, supporting newly emerging coins and tokens are becoming increasingly important. Due to fast growing of coin and tokens, with their functional features, existing exchanges do not meet the needs of users.

The Ceo of Alt Planet, Kwangsoo Bae

Alt Planet, known as Korea’s binnance, offers a new exchange platform that was not provided by existing exchanges. In addition to the trading area where tokens can be bought and sold, user can lease each token market, creating a platform for users to become owners of exchanges.
The Alt planet exchange leases the coin’s token market to the user at a rate of 50% to 70% of the previous month’s commission fee. Ownership here means the right to the fees incurred in the token market that you own.
For example, Alt Planet becomes one big building, and the shops in that building are like the small token market of Alt Planet. To own and operate a shop, you pay a certain amount of rental fee, which is the cost of ownership of Alt Planet’s token market for a period of time. The cost will be set at 50 to 70 percent of the token market exchange commission revenue of the previous month. If the token market has been leased for a certain period of time, the tenant will take the transaction fee from the token market.
Alt Planet supports a many services besides the exchange lease platform. A variety of coins, such as BTC, ETH, NEO, QTUM, and USDT will be anchor currency and would vitalize Altcoin trading as well. Alt Planet also supports PoS features for coins such as Quantum or Neo. Even if it is stored only in an exchange wallet, PoS interest will be supported. It also offers a variety of services such as the ability to purchase ICO tokens more easily, and discounts on transaction fees through APL tokens. Ceo Bae also said that Alt Planet will support air drops for all listed coins. And APL tokens will be purchased and erased from the Alt Planet every quarter when the market share reaches 5%, and the final goal is to incinerate 30% of the total issued APL token.
Existing exchanges seem to focus only on increasing commission income, and there are few places that provide functional support for cryptocurrencies. And since all the exchanges offer similar functions, it is hard to meet the needs of many users.
However, Alt Planet, also known as Korea’s Binance, will support various coins world wide with its functional features, making healthier cryptocurrency environment. Providing creative and unique revenue model, Alt Planet will likely be the most dynamic exchange compared to existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Ceo of Alt Planet, Bae, mentioned that “Alt Planet’s success factors are certain. Those who use the exchange are investing to earn money. If exchange provides such revenue structures to users, a number of users will increase very quickly. Also, Alt Planet is currently in the process of building a beta version of the website, with the alpha version of the exchange website with most of capabilities implemented.“ For more information about Alt Planet, visit Alt Planet’s offical website( and ICO will start in middle of Jun.


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