The Namahe Project uses Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to Change the Face of Supply Chain Management

The Namahe Project uses Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to Change the Face of Supply Chain Management

The Namahe Fintech startup makes use of the most excellent quality A.I solutions from industry giants such as IBM, Google, and others to manage goods in the supply chain optimally.

The Namahe platform has announced a strategic partnership with Adqura, an artificial intelligence platform. The platform which will be fully launched in 2019, has existing partnerships with IBM and TensorFlow.

Namahe uses the best of A.I and blockchain technology to formulate a highly functional system that helps companies save costs on audits and have a highly efficient supply chain.

Namahe firmly believes that A.I and blockchain technology can work together to bring transparency and real-time decision making to the supply chain.

Co-Founder and Director at Adqura, Sameer Prakash reiterated that:

“At Adqura, we are at the forefront of using A.I and intelligent decision-making to provide innovative solutions in our rapidly evolving digital world. We are excited to partner with Namahe and bring our expertise on board to build a class-leading Smart Blockchain platform.”

Kumar Mudaliar, co-founder of Namahe also stated that: ”With the Namahe platform, we aim to massively overhaul the industries involved in the supply chain by incorporating an A.I layer into the mix.”

With the Namahe groundbreaking solution, firms will have a high level of transparency in their supply chains and be able to reap the many rewards that come with it, including customer loyalty, cost efficiency and more.

The Namahe team believe that the market for their cutting-edge solution could be worth $350 million annually by 2020.

The Namahe public presale of their NMH token is live now, and early participants can get a 20% discount during the first two weeks of the fundraiser at

As stated earlier, Namahe is looking to use A.I to eradicate all shortcomings in the supply chain including fraud, delays, and other ugly scenarios.

Soon, the team hopes to integrate machine learning libraries into its operations for better functionalities and prediction of future markets.

Lakhwani and Kumar Mudaliar established the Namahe platform. The Singapore-based firm is comprised of 10 international professionals in the fields of AI, the blockchain, supply chain and more.

The Namahe platform has recently won the award for the World’s Greatest Brand 2017-2018 Asia award in Tech and Sustainability.

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