Tron Ready to Launch its Mainnet on May the 31st – What To Expect?

One of the most important networks in the cryptocurrency landscape, Tron (TRX) is ready to launch its so awaited mainnet. Tron holders are waiting for this release which can certainly influence the price of the cryptocurrency.

Tron Mainnet Launch

Tron is a network that aims to become a decentralized content sharing platform. The cryptocurrency has been created by a foundation based in Singapore and aims to tackle the challenges of the global entertainment industry, which is currently valued at $1 trillion dollars. tron 300x225 - Tron Ready to Launch its Mainnet on May the 31st - What To Expect?

At the moment, we are 4 days and 15 hours away to the release of Tron’s mainnet which will add new and interesting functionalities to the network.

On May the 31st, users and developers will be completely testing the Mainnet functions and wallets. At the same time, the blockchain explorer will be analysed. The main intention is to find possible bugs and see whether everything is working as it should.

Additionally, the mainnet will be rigorously tested between June the 1st until June the 24th. After all these tests, the genesis block will be launched on June the 25th at midnight. Furthermore, there will be a token migration between the 21st and 24th June. TRX owners should transfer their tokens to several exchanges that will support the migration.

Another important thing to mention is that there will be Super Representative elections on June the 26th. The Super representative candidates will have the possibility to have an accelerated migration just before the elections. Between June the 25th and the 26th, deposits and withdrawals will be suspended in all the exchanges until the elections of the Super Representatives.

TRX is one of the most important virtual currencies in the market and this is what it has shown this year. At the beginning of the year, it was traded near $0.043 dollars and reached its all time high some days later ($0.3 dollars). At the moment is the 9th crypto in the market with $4.79 billion dollars value and each currency can be traded for $0.07 USD.

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Author: Carlos Terenzi”