Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is Important to Protect Your Cryptocurrency Investments. Here’s Why. – A Bit of News

The advent of the internet has brought about the possibility of so many things that were impossible prior to its inception. However, even with these advantages, technological advancement is accompanied by many disadvantages, chief among them being the ability to hack and access the online accounts of people without their consent.

Hacking activities are growing more rampant by the day, thereby creating a need to find a more secure way for individuals to protect their accounts from online thieves. Many individuals have taken to the internet and other platforms to complain bitterly of how their web and bank accounts were hacked even with their strong password combination.

Two-factor authentication may be the answer for those wishing to protect themselves. It’s possible you’re reading this post because you’ve been a victim of hacking or are looking for a way to prevent such activities. There’s no need to worry as I intend to explain why the annoying but necessary two-factor…

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