VeChain Makes Strides in May 2018 – A Bit of News

May was an eventful month for VeChain. Perhaps most high profile news was the announcement that Plair platform will be the first ICO to launch on VeChainThor. They also released their much-anticipated whitepaper.

Other than that, the month was full of partnerships, expos, and accolades. Here’s a quick overview of the main developments at VeChain in May 2018.

New Partnerships

VeChain has been on a roll this past month when it comes to forging partnerships with other companies.

In early May, they signed a partnership with Bright Foods, China’s second-largest food company, and its subsidiary Shanghai Xiandao Food. This deal will result in VeChain being implemented across the company’s entire supply chain and data management systems — with particular attention paid to cold-chain logistics, dealing with the transport and lifespan of refrigerated products.

Their supplementation of blockchain technology with IoT allows for transparent, immutable accounts to be made for all of Bright…

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