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Wallets with Changelly’s API on board

We all know how easier new technologies make our lives. Especially, when it comes to means for managing your cryptos. We at Changelly are so excited to work with other teams and participate in making cryptocurrency market easy and friendly place for everyone. That’s why you can find Changelly integrated into many multicurrency wallets. With Changelly onboard, they will allow you to easily swap between one crypto asset to another at the best rate available right within the wallet app!

So, what are the wallets with Changelly and how do they work? Have a look!


Coinomi is an HD multicurrency high-security wallet with a multilingual interface. Its transparency and private key safety (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (BIP44) makes Coinomi a solid trustworthy wallet. It has over 500k downloads at Android market and 5 stars rating at App Store. The exchange interface is very clear and simple. Just select a coin to send, a coin to receive and press “Next”.


Freewallet is perfect for your Android or iOS device. Thanks to this wallet you can forget about backups — if you lose your device, you can freeze your account and reach it from another device. If you have any questions about using the wallet, Freewallet support team is always there for you in a live chat. In this wallet, Changelly is also hidden as an API. Take a look at exchange example:


Coinpayments is a large multi-currency online wallet. It is also available as an Android app. You can download Coinpayments app to your smartphone and fully control your funds. All your payments via this wallet are secured with the BitGo multisig technology. Moreover, the wallet can protect your currency in vault and wait for a certain time (precised by you only) before money is spent. Each time you want to swap one coin to another, you do it via Changelly.


Guarda is more than just a wallet — it gives you a whole cryptocurrency experience. It has Android and iOs applications(each having 4–5 stars rating), prepaid cards to have your crypto in local currency and, of course, an online web wallet itself. Guarda has a rather simple interface and supports over 12 altcoins and 583 tokens. Certain of those are supported by Changelly’s API.

NEM XEM Nanowallet

For storing XEM (NEM), you can use its own Nanowallet for your desktop. Using this wallet you can send XEM, mosaics and messages to any addresses/namespaces. It also supports Apostille Notarisation Service — first blockchain notarial service. Changelly integration allows to exchange any supported coin you have to XEM.

Trust wallet

Trust Wallet is a high-secure wallet for your Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens which is available for iOs and Android devices. It is simple, user-friendly and stores your private keys secure on your device. You can buy Ethereum or Ethereum based tokens choosing Changelly just in a few clicks.

Upcoming integrations

There are also a few upcoming integrations we can’t wait to be finished.


Jaxx is a multicurrency wallet created by the well known Decentral team. The wallet itself is famous for its user friendliness and cool features. Jaxx security is top-notch, all private keys are stored on your device. In addition to that Jaxx respects privacy and does not require your personal info or even mail when you start working with it. New application version will include Changelly integration that will allow you instantly swap between coins.


Breadwallet is a highly secure and quite user-friendly wallet application that allows to send and receive Bitcoins in the easiest manner possible. The team behind Breadwallet focuses on a seamless use, privacy and security. This is the only wallet that stores your funds right in your smartphone. Our API for Breadwallet is on the integration stage. Soon, Breadwallet users will be able to send any coin supported on Changelly and get their Bitcoins right in the app!


Mycelium is a Bitcoin company with the broad range of products, mostly known as one of the first (and best for crypto anarchists and geeks) Bitcoin wallets with more than 500 000 users. The wallet provides a set of tools and features for storing and sending Bitcoins in the safest manner possible. In 2014, Mycelium was granted the reputable award “Best Mobile App” as a wallet with superior bank-grade security.

Naga Wallet

Naga Wallet is a new multicurrency wallet with a range of unique features simplifying the use of cryptocurrency. The wallet enables users not only to perform instant exchanges between platform users, but also allows them to pay 50% less in transaction fees. Its users will also have access to the unique feature that enables users to send and receive crypto payments using their email address rather than the hundreds of complicated numbers that currently constitute cryptocurrency addresses.

It’s all about API and Widget

So how do these wallets work via Changelly? All of them have Changelly’s API or a customizable widget (like NEM/XEM Wallet has) integrated right into their interface. Once you are about to swap between some coins in your wallet, you initiate an exchange transaction that is passing through Changelly. After one is finished, you receive your coins swapped. No need to use the Changelly website. It is that simple.

Choose wallet which suits you the best

We are lucky to integrate our product to these amazing wallets, but we are not going to stop knowing that there are even more cool products out there. Subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook, Medium to keep in touch with our updates!

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