What are you looking at? — Why the Trusted Display of a Trezor is guaranteed to boost your security

What are you looking at? — Why the Trusted Display of a Trezor is guaranteed to boost your security

Looking for a secure way to store your increasingly valuable crypto?

Every time market prices rise, interest in cryptocurrencies also rises — but the bad news is that the number of hacks and phishing attempts also increases.

There are quite a few options on the hardware wallet market, which can make it seem difficult or even overwhelming to choose, at least at first glance. So let’s talk about two of the many components of a Trezor Model T that make it the best choice for you: the touchscreen, and the Trusted Display.

Since the day we created the first hardware wallet, we designed every detail to form the most secure, user friendly experience possible for storing and managing cryptocurrency, from the user interface to the processor. Security and usability usually have an inverse relationship, but it’s been our goal to find the ideal balance between the two.

While both Trezor One and Model T come with a Trusted Display, in order to take the UX to a new level, we included a full color touchscreen in the Model T that makes processes like sending and receiving and PIN input more secure and more convenient.

But why did we give the display a name, you ask? Let’s find out.

We’ll start with “Display.”

The Model T has a large display that you will use for a number of different processes.

  • Address Confirmation: The display will show you transaction details like sending and receiving addresses when you are using your Trezor to send or receive crypto. You compare the address shown on your computer or smartphone to the address displayed on your Trezor to make sure that they match — otherwise you could accidentally send your funds to the wrong place and lose them. Thanks to the large display, you can actually see the entire address without having to scroll.
  • Confirmation Requests: You have to manually confirm all important steps on the touchscreen of a Model T while using the device, whether you’re updating the firmware, accessing Trezor Password Manager, or logging in to your Google account with U2F. Plus, with the full color touchscreen, every process is easier and more convenient; it’s as simple as tapping the screen.
  • Recovery Seed: The display will also show you your 12 or 24 word recovery seed so you can record it (physically, for example on paper or a backup tool like Cryptosteel). Without that seed, you won’t be able to recover your wallet if your device is wiped for any reason.

Now, what exactly do we mean by “Trusted”?

As we mentioned above, you use the touchscreen and the Trusted Display of your Trezor to complete every step. If you can’t trust what you’re seeing on the display of a hardware wallet, then you can’t trust the security of that device or any of its processes.

So, how do you know that Trezor’s display can be trusted?

  • Because a Trezor device is always offline. It’s an isolated environment, making it invulnerable to remote attacks. No one can hack the device and change what the display is showing you.
  • Because both the hardware and software of a Trezor are open source — this means you can verify the components and the code for yourself. Remember: Don’t trust — verify.

If your computer or smartphone is compromised and it shows you an incorrect receiving address because someone is trying to steal your crypto, you can still trust that your Trezor’s Trusted Display is showing you the correct address.

If you can’t trust the device that you’re using, then you’re risking your assets. Choose a hardware wallet that you can trust — because you’re able to verify its legitimacy for yourself. Choose a wallet with a Trusted Display. Choose Trezor.

About Us

Created by SatoshiLabs in 2014, the Trezor One is the original and most trusted hardware wallet in the world. It offers unmatched security for cryptocurrencies, password management, and serves as the second factor in Two-Factor Authentication. These features combine with an interface that is easy to use whether you are a security expert or a brand new user.

Trezor Model T is the next-generation hardware wallet, designed with the benefits of the original Trezor in mind, combined with a modern and intuitive interface for improved user experience and security. It features a touchscreen, faster processor, and advanced coin support, as well as all the features of the Trezor One.