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Braindumps are some of the ‘resource tools’ used by candidates sitting for certification exams. To fully understand the position of using braindumps to prepare for an examination, it is important to analyse what a certification exam is all about, as well as the do’s and don’ts of its process.

Before you take an IT certification exam, you will usually be requested to agree with a non-disclosure agreement which means that whatever questions you come across during the test is between you and the examiner. That is, you will not share it with a third party. The T&C of taking a certification examination includes a provision that sharing, publishing, or reproducing examination content, identifying correct or incorrect answers and verbatim questions is forbidden. In addition to this, any individual that is found to have offered such information to a third party can forfeit their certification immediately. Looking at the summary of the terms and conditions stipulated by examiners, it is very clear that braindumps are not legal and should not be used.

It is important to note that there are many things that are wrong with braindumps. Below are some of the ethical and technical issues that are associated with using exam dumps for your certification exam.

  • Braindumps is against the Certification Agreement

As mentioned earlier, examiners are very particular about protecting the integrity of their contents and examinations. This implies that no public disclosure of the exam content is authorized. If you are caught using braindumps, you will lose your certification. Imagine what it will mean if you lose something you worked hard and paid for. Although using braindumps is not much hard work as studying properly for the exam, but you still have to commit time and effort in cramming the questions and answers all the same. So, with the efforts you have invested in earning a certification, losing it is definitely not a welcome idea.

  • Braindumps lack the Quality Control

The fact that somebody puts something up on the Internet does not mean it is true. There are many answers that are provided on braindumps sites that are far from accurate. When using such websites, you cannot be totally sure that the questions and answers you see are genuine. Some of the questions are also outdated and focusing on them can bring you nothing but trouble during the exam. There is no body of knowledge that controls the quality of materials posted on exam dumps and there is no way of verifying their authenticity.

  • Braindumps offer no Learning Possibilities to Users

The fact that you know the answer to a particular question doesn’t mean that you understand the tools, technologies, or platform upon which such question is developed. The purpose why certifications exams are administered is to ensure that candidates learn what to do and how to do it. Without proper learning, you will only be left to memorize answers which at the end of the day will mean absolutely nothing to you. If you don’t learn the course contents of the certification, how do you want to demonstrate your capability in real world scenarios?

  • Certification Exams is more than Questions and Answers

The purpose of going through the process of writing a certification exam is to be able to acquire knowledge and develop skills to be able to function optimally in your workplace. The exams are designed to evaluate your capability and to test whether or not you have mastered a specific body of knowledge and have gathered certain skills in the process of preparing for the examination. If you have the mindset of just learning the answers to questions, you may lose out on the overall purpose of writing the exam. Knowing answers of exam questions will definitely make you pass the test, but it can’t guarantee your ability to apply the answers in real life scenario. Holding a certification without the knowledge and skills needed to perform can be detrimental to your organization and you might want to consider the long term effect of your action before you take the step to use braindumps to prepare for your exam. Imagine earning a security related certificate without the knowledge and experience to deliver in real time. You will get your organization in trouble and you will be out of job, and if you are not careful, you can be sued by your employer for causing disaster in the organization.

  • Negative Effect on your Career

When you use braindumps to prepare for your exam, you know that it is the wrong thing to do. If you have a conscience, there will always be a nagging thought at the back of your mind that you don’t really deserve the certificate because you didn’t really earn it in the true sense of the word. Even if you are lucky not to be caught using braindumps, there is always a repercussion at the end of the day. Human minds know what is right from what is wrong and when you earn something wrongfully, you always feel a sense of undeserving. If you get caught using exam dumps, your certification will be withdrawn which can have strong negative impact on your career, especially if your job is gotten based on the credential.


Using free braindumps to prepare for a certification exam is not such a smart move after all. There is more to lose than gain on the long run. Braindumps are dubious sources of gathering information and they are illegal tools of preparing for a certification exam. Taking time to study might not be an easy task to undertake but it pays off at the end of the day. Instead of cramming answers to questions from exam dumps, why not to develop a study plan and focus on studying for your exam? You have so much to gain by actually studying. Even if you don’t pass your exam at the first attempt after studying, (well, using braindumps does not guarantee success either) at least you would have gathered more knowledge and experience that will help you perform better in subsequent attempt.

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