With great crypto products comes great responsibility

With great crypto products comes great responsibility

What I experienced during my first month working for BTC.com

What a busy month for the BTC.com team! Our team took part in three large conferences to spread knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As the new content & community manager I had the chance to engage with the blockchain community at Chainges, BlockShow and TheNextWeb conferences. Three wonderful events filled with curious attendees, eager to learn about cryptocurrencies and to discover our wallet while getting their first crypto!

BTC.com offers a variety of products that are used by millions: the largest mining pool, one of the most popular block explorers, industry recognized API and a wallet with more than one million users.

However, cryptocurrencies are still a niche market in the bigger ocean of financial products. For our products to be understood and adopted, people need to understand why blockchain is such a revolutionary technology.

Digital currency products will only unravel their full potential in the hands of educated users.

We’re up for the task! Our goal is to empower people through practical experience, by using our wallet. We love to teach people about the new crypto-economy: what blockchain is, Satoshi’s white paper, the importance of owning private keys, the mining process and so much more.

During these conferences, we offered visitors at our booth a full crypto experience: from taking a crypto quiz to setting up their wallet, receiving their first crypto to making their first transaction. You can also take the quiz and discover if you are a “noob” or a full on Satoshi expert.

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Regardless of the visitors’ crypto knowledge, taking the quiz offered us a unique opportunity to have an in depth conversation about the power of cryptocurrencies. Our team worked tirelessly to inspire and educate every visitor, as they left with the BTC.com wallet and some free BCH in their pocket.

After coming back from these conferences, we feel inspired to create the best wallet experience for all our users (and I’m so happy to be part of the adventure!)

Don’t have a BTC.com wallet yet? Create a free web wallet at wallet.btc.com or download the app for iOS and Android. Get started with bitcoin & other digital currencies today!

If you have questions or feedback, please send us a message to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Author: Eleonore Blanc”