WONO Unites Freelancing And Asset Sharing Services On A Global P2P Platform

Many blockchain projects for freelancers are about to launch within this year. All of them offer transparency, low commissions and other well-known benefits of the blockchain. However, all of them miss one critical moment: opportunities to spend what’s been earned. No matter, what platform you choose as a freelancer, you must withdraw tokens to spend it elsewhere – losing time, money and becoming a taxpayer. Doesn’t look like a dream for crypto fans? Indeed. WONO startup offers an entirely new idea: you earn and spend on one platform avoiding a hassle and additional payments.


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Here’s how it works. You start seeking a job: WONO offers you handy search instruments and recommendations which meet your skills. By the way, simple micro jobs are also featured here, not only IT jobs. So literally anyone can find the service useful. Once you’ve found what to do, you discuss the price with your customer, then sign a smart contract. Bingo, time for earn your tokens!

At this very moment, you’re free to begin spending what you’re supposed to get. That’s called a trusted deal. The mart contract guarantees that your customer will pay you, so the platform lets you spend tokens on anything you wish.

What else will be available on WONO? Any private asset for hire: homes, cars, bikes, gadgets, instruments… and of course, time and talents of other freelancers.

Got tired of everything and wished to leave this annoying city immediately, but have money just for the plane tickets? No problem, get a remote job, sign a smart contract and choose your vacation home on WONO today and complete your job there, on the seaside. Or maybe you’re a talented designer but a poor homeworker? Great, just earn WONO tokens doing your beloved job and hire professionals to clean up everything and cook you dinner. There are thousands of ways to use WONO and in any case, you get many benefits.

First and the main one: earning and spending on WONO, you legally avoid taxation. In the USA, EU and many other countries tokens are determined as digital assets, so until you withdraw them, you don’t pay anything. Second, you don’t pay for currency exchange. One token for the whole world and all kinds of sharing. Third, as mentioned above, you may act as a vendor and customer at the same time.

What’s more, WONO has transparent user and asset ratings and community-driven regulation. For example, all deals can be crowd-insured. That means that any user can make a stake for the successful deal termination. If this happens, the insurer gets a reward from the platform’s commission. If not, his or her stake is transferred to the affected party of the cancelled deal as a compensation. By the way, all disputes are also solved by community members 100% transparently.

So basically WONO offers a global crypto environment where you can earn and spend without intermediaries and unwanted payments. WONO proof of concept is coming at the end of July and market release is scheduled to spring 2019.

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