Self-Named XRP CEO Tiffany Hayden: I’m Done Holding $XRP

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The controversial digital currency, XRP, and its community are becoming somewhat unbearable according to self-named XRP CEO, Tiffany Hayden, who confirmed on Monday that she would no longer hold the cryptocurrency.

Given that Hayden was one of the most vocal XRP supporters on Twitter, and often swung in defense of what, according to her is the ‘best digital asset,’ her decision has left everyone curious to see whether her followers will follow her steps and exit their positions.

Not just on Twitter, Hayden also strongly fantasized and defended the cryptocurrency on her blog, which is mostly focused on XRP. She was known to have strong faith in XRP (to raise in value), not until her tweet today.

Precisely, Hayden tweeted:

“I’m not holding $XRP anymore, XRP supporters, so find something else to talk about. 

From my mom just now. So fucking pathetic.”

In the comment section, she claimed that the XRP community is toxic; hence, she won’t hold the crypto anymore. She explained that they attacked her character for almost a year simply because she mentioned that the network was fragile, and it was close to halting.

They excluded an expensive validator she introduced to help the network because the default UNL (dUNL) had gatekeepers, she said. It all got worse today after her mother said she had been used as a topic of conversation on the XRP community. 

“My parents aren’t on Twitter and yet still have to read shit being talked about me wherever XRP supporters congregate. I’m out. They can find new people to demonize,” Hayden added

Her longstanding faith in XRP reportedly began diminishing last year after she explained on Twitter that she was giving up on XRP promotion. Many people believed that XRP wouldn’t be the same without her strenuous efforts to fight FUD and attack FUDsters of XRP.

Meanwhile, although Hayden is dropping XRP, Coinfomania recently reported that Nevada Congress Aspirant Lisa Sutton is looking into investing in XRP

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Author: Ibiam Wayas

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