You Want to Change the World, BitPay Wants Developers. Let’s Talk

BitPay is building blockchain technology to transform how the world sends, receives, and stores money. Since we got started in 2011, we’ve brought together some amazing developers to build the software behind BitPay’s bitcoin payment processing, bitcoin payouts, the BitPay and Copay bitcoin wallets, the open source Bitcore development platform, and more.

Now we’re gearing up for another great year of work in bitcoin payments, and we are hiring.

What we’re looking for

Our Atlanta team is hiring developers that have significant experience with Node.js, MongoDB, and Angular.

We’re a very flat organization — everyone has ownership, and everyone has the responsibility and resources they need to get the job done.

We love open-source technology at BitPay (we’ve built a lot ourselves), so experience contributing to open-source projects is a major plus. Have experience on projects involving Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Even better.

Working at BitPay

We believe that bitcoin is going to change the world. And if you work at BitPay, you’ll get to drive that change in a big way. Working here will mean something at the end of the day.

Here you’ll be on the front lines, building real-world bitcoin payment technology which real businesses and people use every day – no joke. We’re shipping code here everyday, not just writing white papers.

Our marketing team wants to include something inspirational here, so watch this to get a glimpse of what we’re doing.

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BitPay has an energetic and open company culture that values action, collaboration, and responsibility. You’ll have to work hard, but if you have an idea on how to improve something, you can make it happen. You’ll get the opportunity here to work with some of the most experienced developers in the bitcoin and blockchain space. They’re an interesting bunch, and you’ll (probably) like them.

We’re constantly refining and improving our understanding of our customers and our product. We build and ship code quickly, deploying multiple times per day.

And the compensation and benefits aren’t too bad, either. Want to get paid in bitcoin? We can make that happen.

You can read on our team page about the tangible benefits of working at BitPay.

Want in? Email us and let us know why you’d want to work for BitPay and what you can bring to the team. Talk is cheap, so we appreciate GitHub profiles.

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